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Adam Chilson Photography Workshops

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Please note that as of summer 2010, itinerary and registration information for Adam Chilson's photography workshops, shoot events, and private instruction bookings can be accessed via his web site, www.adamchilson.com. The site you're currently viewing serves as a record and showcase for workshops presented by Adam Chilson and D. M. Gremlin Studios from March 2008 through February 2010.


**We are proud to announce that all of our 2009-10 workshop offerings are sponsored by Grex Airbrush!**

Studio Lighting Series:
"Introductory Lighting Techniques" -- fundamentals of lighting control and behavior
"Intermediate Studio Lighting" -- fine tuning for studio lighting and dynamic composition
"Advanced Lighting Techniques" -- full production, thematic styling and set building

Specialized Themed Workshops:
"Fetish & BDSM Photography"
"Fine Art and Figure Nudes"
"Back in Blacklight" -- Blacklight Photography & Bodypaint
sponsored by Wildfire Lighting & Visual Effects and Grex Airbrush

Photography Master Classes:
**High-level advanced workshops for the established artist/professional photographer.
**Experience the complete process behind Adam Chilson's stunning imagery.
**Each session will consist of set fabrication, precision lighting, and full production photo shooting.
**Master Classes will have very limited enrollment with no more than 4 participants per session.

**Workshops in each series will offer photographers the rare opportunity to observe Adam's presentation of his renowned photographic lighting and set crafting techniques. Workshops will be comprised of both discussion / demonstration portions, and individual shooting opportunities for every participant with featured models on set.

**Every studio workshop is limited to 8 participants. Master Classes are limited to 4-6. Attendees at an Adam Chilson Photography Workshop can expect to come away not only with specialized knowledge and techniques, but with high-quality portfolio images. Each workshop will include a non-commercial promotional model release for portfolio display of images shot by participants during the workshop.

**Workshops with comparable levels of instruction and shooting opportunities are commonly priced in the $600-$1000 range. However, in keeping with our studio's general philosophy of making creative opportunities available to independent artists, we are offering the Adam Chilson Photography Workshop series at prices ranging from $175-$250 per workshop. For less than the price of most half-day studio rentals, participants will come away with detailed knowledge, high-level portfolio images, and the enjoyable and unforgettable experience of the event.

D. M. Gremlin Productions recording and photography studio is located in North Long Beach, and has served Southern California artists since 2000. The studio is a creative haven for independent, self-financed artists who need an affordable facility to work in. Further studio information is available on our web site, www.dm-gremlin.com, by emailing studio@dm-gremlin.com, or by telephone at 866-334-4364.