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Adam Chilson Photography Workshops

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Adam is also available for bookings for private instructional sessions. Private classes are set up on a one-on-one basis in accordance with the interests and experience of the individual photgrapher

Workshop Course Outlines and Itineraries:

"Introductory Lighting Techniques"
"Intermediate Studio Lighting"
"Advanced Lighting Techniques"
"Fine Art & Figure Nudes"
"Fetish & BDSM Photography"
"Back in Blacklight"

What to Bring for Workshops:

Digital Camera with hot shoe or x-sync port:
Important! The lighting techniques demonstrated in the workshops will center around the use of strobe lighting. Each participant must ensure that his/her camera has a hot shoe or x-sync port in order to trigger the flashes for shooting. If you are unfamiliar with hot shoe/strobe sync, please inquire in advance to confirm that your camera has a standard hot shoe/x-sync port (almost all will), or that you have time to procure the correct adaptor if necessary, before workshop day.

Film Photography:
Feel free to bring a film camera, but there will not be opportunity for individual light metering. Attendees who wish to shoot on film still must bring an x-sync-capable digital camera for use as a "polaroid" or test shot in order to calculate/compensate for film exposure.

Strobe Sync:
Pocket Wizard wireless transceivers will be available for use at the event. The transmitters will be passed around between participants. Any attendee who has his/her own Pocket Wizard may feel free to bring it. Shooting time will still be equally divided between the participants. In the case of any camera that has an x-sync port but not a hot shoe, please contact the studio for information on the proper type of sync cable/adaptor to bring to the workshop.

Camera Accessories:
Each participant must provide his/her own digital capture cards, charged batteries, and any other accessories necessary to the function of his/her own camera. We will have a couple of outlets available to plug in chargers if necessary, but not enough outlet spaces for all participants to keep battery chargers plugged in throughout the day. So please come with charged batteries and a spare if possible. Same guideline applies to laptop computers and time/space to download images from capture cards during the workshop.

The style of photography presented in the workshops emphasizes dynamic composition - you will be mobile! If a physical condition necessitates the use of a tripod, please bring one - it is permitted but not provided. Otherwise, tripods are generally a disadvantage for the style of shooting we will be doing in the workshops.

Lens Choice:
If you are uncertain of a good choice in lens for use in the studio shooting format, please inquire before the workshop day. We can recommend the best choice from the equipment you have access to. If you own several lenses, feel free to bring them. Depending upon the sets in a given workshop, you may wish to switch lenses at different points during the day. The workshop may also provide an excellent setting for comparing the applications of different lenses for a variety of shooting sets/styles.

Notebooks and pen/pencil are optional. Most people find that the best method of "taking notes" is visual documentation - since you will after all have your camera handy! Just "zoom out" and take some wider-angle photos of the various sets and lighting setups throughout the day.

If you have a print portfolio, feel free to bring it with you. It's always a pleasure to take a few minutes to see each others' work in print while we make introductions at the start of each workshop day. Portfolio is not a requirement, and is not needed for any other purpose within the workshop.

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