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"Intermediate Studio Lighting" - Workshop Content and Itinerary
A continuation of the "Introductory Lighting Techniques" curriculum.

A few images from our 12/13/09 workshop session with featured model SIAM ~ MUA/bodypaint by Lisa Berczel:

above images copyright D. M. Gremlin Studios; all rights reserved.

More images and discussion from staff and participants in our December 13, 2009 session of this workshop can be found in the event thread in the studio's forums.
Please make sure to review "What to Bring" for any workshop.

"Intermediate Studio Lighting" continues from the curriculum and itinerary presented in our "Introductory Lighting Techniques" workshops. The workshop presumes knowledge of basic camera functions, along with a moderate degree of experience in studio photography, and presents more complex applications of studio lighting.

The day's shooting sets will incorporate a variety of wardrobe, hair, and makeup looks, props, and shooting backdrops. The focus will be on crafting lighting and refining compositions for polished images.

Course Topics:

** Review of basic camera functions applicable to studio photography.
** Traditional and fine-art approaches to lighting.
** Crafting highlights and shadows with multiple-light setups; fine tuning through use of light modifiers..
** Lighting control and isolation for both model and set/shooting environment.
** Inclusion of set and prop elements with a focus action-oriented themes.

Promotional model releases will be included for all participants for non-commercial use of images shot during the workshop.

Outline of Workshop Schedule (approximate times):

10am-10:30am: Arrival; meet & greet w/ instructor, MUA, and morning model; portfolio/sample image review
10:30am-2pm: Lighting setups and shooting sets
2pm-3pm: Lunch (provided for participants)
3pm-6:30pm: Shooting sets with afternoon model; building into more detailed lighting, styling and prop elements.
6:30pm-7pm: Equipment pack-up, final discussion, and signing of promotional model releases

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