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"Back in Blacklight" - Workshop Content and Itinerary

Please make sure to review "What to Bring" for any workshop.

"Back in Blacklight" presents information on both do-it-yourself and high-end full production blacklight bodypainting and photography techniques. The bodypainting portion of the workshop will be presented and demonstrated by Lisa Berczel of Battledress Paint-n-Body. Lisa and Adam are an established team whose collaborative efforts have created some of the most stunning and original blacklight imagery to be found.

Full production blacklight photography by Adam Chilson and Lisa Berczel:

Images from our May 31 '09 workshop session:

above images copyright Adam Chilson Photography except 2nd from left copyright Battledress Paint-n-Body/all rights reserved.

Images from the October '08 session of this workshop and from several of our other recent blacklight photo shoots can be found in the studio's forums, as well as in pages 2-4 of the Fall '08 edition of the Wildfire FX Blacklight Blaze newsletter!

"Back in Blacklight" provides instruction and shooting opportunities with two models in full blacklight bodypaint. Information to be presented on the bodypainting side will include hygiene and safety in product choice and procedures, along with demonstrations of the painting that will be photographed for the workshop. On the photography side, Adam will be presenting advanced lighting techniques, as well as specialized "tips and tricks" to photograph blacklight effects to their full potential.

Because of the specialized techniques used for photographing under UV lighting, photographers from beginning to advanced levels are encouraged to participate, regardless of their degree of experience in studio photography.

As with all of our workshops, participation is limited to eight photographers to ensure plenty of Q&A and shooting time for each participant. Registration includes lunch and promotional model release for portfolio use of images shot at the workshop.

"Back in Blacklight" is sponsored by Wildfire Lighting & Visual Effects and Grex Airbrush.

Wildfire is the entertainment industry's premiere supplier of UV products and effects. Their extensive list of credits includes the Disneyland and Universal Studios worldwide theme parks, movies such as Batman Beyond, and a continuing list of movies, television, and venues.

Grex Airbrush is a continuing sponsor of our workshop series.

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