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Workshop Instructor Adam Chilson

Adam Chilson is a master photographer of the highest caliber. He is well-known and immensely respected for his meticulous precision in lighting, set craft, and extreme subject matter. His trademark is the creation in-camera of images of intense character, emotion, and reality-suspending convolutions of the flesh, all without the use of digital effects or compositing.

Notable recent credits include:

Heavy Metal magazine, Table of Contents spread, July 2009 issue
"Personality" exhibition at Apparatus Gallery, Las Vegas, NV - June-August 2008
Skin Two Magazine, Spring 2008 issue
Additional Print Publications: Hustlers Taboo Magazine; Secret Magazine; and others


Adam says of himself:
"I am an eccentric, published author, artist, and photographer. My projects are inspired by an overactive imagination, unflagging sense of adventure, and boundless energy. I’ll try (almost) anything once, just for the sake of experience. I love working around creative, talented individuals with unique personalities and looks.

Photography is my passion. The search for something unique. Something that hasn’t been done before. I love piercings, tattoos, clothing, hair, anything that makes a statement of individuality. I do little if any post-production or photoshop work – what you see is what you get. My own work is contantly evolving, exploring new ways to create some truly jaw-dropping imagery."

While we do not incorporate any live fire or sparks elements into the workshop program, a workshop day with Adam is an opportunity for photographers to learn directly from the artist capable of conceiving and executing through-the-lens photography on this level. The techniques and methods presented in the workshop series come from the same approach that make possible these otherworldly images.

Adam Chilson is not only an artist, but a clear, effective, and enthusiastic instructor. He truly enjoys drawing forth and sharing those moments of illumination when a concept "clicks," eyes and mind are opened, and that seed of artistic progress has grown.

One unique element of his commitment as an instructor is his dedication to doing his own "homework." Adam's workshops, while based upon specific themes and concepts, are not a "cookie-cutter" fixed-lecture style program. Adam will review the work of attending photographers prior to the workshop, studying each individual's portfolio. This enables him to gain insight into the range of experience of each individual participant, and to target specific techniques and tips to benefit the development of skills for each attending photographer.


In his teaching as in his art, Adam goes above and beyond in order to give of himself, and thus to enrich the experience of all with whom he shares his work.

More of Adam's stunning photographic works can be found on his own web site, along with extensive portfolios on Model Mayhem (MM #19554) and deviantART (http://www.doomsday-dawn.deviantart.com).

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