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"Introductory Lighting Techniques" - Workshop Content and Itinerary
"Introductory Lighting Techniques" is our longest-running and most-attended workshop. Instructor Adam Chilson presents his distinctive approach to the fundamentals of photographic lighting with studio strobes.

This workshop is level-appropriate for beginning photographers, photographers who have limited experience shooting with studio strobes, as well as those whose experience lies with location/natural light.

A small selection of images from previous sessions of this workshop:

above images copyright D. M. Gremlin Studios except far right copyright Adam Chilson Photography; all rights reserved.

Many more wonderful images and discussion from our past sessions of "Introductory Lighting Techniques" can be found in the studio's forums. Links for past class dates: 2/21/10; 10/18/09; 2/22/09; 2/1/09; 6/29/08; 3/29/08.
Please make sure to review "What to Bring" for any workshop.

"Introductory Lighting Techniques" will discuss and demonstrate fundamental lighting techniques applicable to glamour, artistic, and portrait photography. The workshop will start with basic shooting scenarios and culminate in a full-production shoot with the workshop's featured model on set, including makeup and styling by Lisa Berczel of Battledress Paint-n-Body.

Course Topics:

** Review of basic camera functions applicable to studio photography.
** Single light studies: observations of light and shadow behavior.
** Light modifiers, soft, and hard light: when and where to use each, and how to combine them.
** Use of multiple lights to control and isolate lighting of model and set.
** Lighting and composing to the strengths of the model.
** Working with a makeup artist, and shooting images suitable to your MUA's portfolio as part of any shoot.

During the second half of the course, Adam will demonstrate selective light manipulation, integrating basic lighting techniques into a full-production shoot on set with the workshop's featured model, allowing the attending photographers to practice these skills through the lens.

Participation in this workshop will allow participants to walk away with several high-level images for use in their portfolios. And in the larger view beyond the workshop itself, application of these tools and techniques will take photographers miles down the road to creating images that combine technically sound execution with compelling mood and emotional impact.

Promotional model releases will be available for all participants for non-commercial use of images shot during the workshop.

Outline of Workshop Schedule (approximate times):

10am-11am: Arrival of attendees; meet & greet w/ instructor, MUA, morning model; portfolio/sample image review
11am-2pm: Lighting demonstrations for portrait, glamour, and artistic settings w/ test shooting opportunities
2pm-3pm: Lunch (provided for participants); introduction of afternoon Featured Model
3pm-6:30pm: Set building and lighting of set, with group and individual shooting opportunities for participants
6:30pm-7pm: Equipment pack-up, final discussion, and signing of promotional model releases

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