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Adam Chilson Photography Workshops

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Workshop Models:

Adam Chilson is known for his high degree of selectivity in the models he works with. Just as for his own full-production shoots, models for Adam's workshops will be cast for their strengths of both character and physique.

Mary Jane - Model for Feb 2010 "Introductory Lighting Techniques"
St. Merrique - Model for Feb 2010 "Introductory Lighting Techniques"
Sophie Nova - Model for Dec '09 "Intermediate Studio Lighting" & Nov '09 "Introductory Lighting Techniques"

Brooke Lynne - Model for July '09 "Fine Art and Figure Nudes"
Miss Mya - Model for June '09 "Fetish & BDSM Photography"
Hourglass - Model for June '09 "Fetish & BDSM Photography" & Oct '08 "Back in Blacklight"
Victoria Vengeance - Model for May '09 "Back in Blacklight"
Emobi - Model for Feb '09 "Introductory Lighting Techniques" & May '09 "Back in Blacklight"
Bella Jewel - Model for Mar '09 "Advanced Lighting Techniques"
Nyx Valentine - Model for Oct '08 "Back in Blacklight"
Brittani - Model for June '08 "Introductory Lighting Techniques"
NevaehLleh - Featured Model for Mar '08 & Feb '09 "Introductory Lighting Techniques"

Participating photographers can be assured that models selected to take part in the workshops are equally selective about the photographers they accept shoots with. For many participants, the workshop will be an opportunity to shoot with a very experienced model who may be beyond the level of the photographer's current portfolio. The images shot at the workshop will boost the participants' portfolios to the next level, contributing to the prestige and reputation necessary to secure shoots with models who might previously have passed them by. And the knowledge gained in the workshop will give participants the tools to carry through and continue producing images of the quality expected by models of this caliber.

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