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"Fetish & BDSM Photography" - Workshop Content and Itinerary

Please make sure to review "What to Bring" for any workshop.

"Fetish & BDSM Photography" is an exploration of the visual and psychological dynamics of fetish and BDSM practices, along with the ethics and etiquette of photographing a fetish scene. The workshop day will comprise several different fetish and BDSM-related scenes with a Domme/sub pair, with group and individual shooting opportunities for participating photographers.

Presentations and shooting sets will include fetish fashion (corsetry and latex), foot/shoe/boot fetish, and shibari (ornamental rope bondage). The event will culminate in a full rope suspension.

Course Topics:

**Visual/fashion elements of fetish and BDSM
**Emotional and psychological dynamics of a fetish/BDSM scene
**Lighting techniques to capture the mood of a fetish/BDSM scene
**The photographer's role: ethics and etiquette of working with a dominant and submissive on a fetish shoot
**Safety, legal considerations, and model releases for fetish shoots

Images from June 28, 2009 "Fetish & BDSM Photography" with Pro-Domme Miss Mya and submissive Hourglass:

above images copyright D. M. Gremlin Studios/all rights reserved; MUA: Eva Woodby

Many more wonderful images and discussion from this workshop can be found in the studio's forum thread.

Shooting opportunities will include paired fetish scenes and solo sets with the workshop's Domme and submissive models.

Promotional model releases will be available for all participants for non-commercial use of images shot during the workshop.

Outline of Workshop Schedule/Topics:

Morning - Glamour Fetish Topics
Introductions and portfolio review
Practical lighting techniques for shooting latex and leather
Freestyle shoot using applied techniques
Fetish fashion shoot with Miss Mya

Lunch Break (lunch provided for all participants)

Afternoon: Bondage Fetish Topics
Review of legal and liability issues
Model releases
Fetish lifestyles vs fetish modeling
Mandatory etiquette and safety
Lighting techniques and styles
Rope work presentation and shibari bondage shoot
Freestyle shoot using applied techniques
Rope bondage suspension with shooting in short sets

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