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2014 Dates TBA ~~ 6pm-9pm
RSVPs due by 48 hours in advance

Welcome, musicians, photographers, models, stylists, and friends!
Our free music, photography, and community meetup since 2007!

For anyone who has never been to the studio before, RSVP's for any Open House event must be confirmed by 48 hours in advance. RSVP's are accepted by email to studio@dm-gremlin.com with full name and artistic area of each guest.
Further RSVP information is listed HERE.

Event General Information:

D. M. Gremlin Studios Open House events are no-cost, friendlygatherings of local artists, friends, and community members. Each event offers studio tours, open photo shooting, industry networking, portfolio sharing, and good company and conversation in a relaxed, professional studio environment.

For those who wish to visit in person prior to booking the studio, the Open House events provide the designated opportunity for free tours of our photography and recording studio facilities. Open House allows first-time and returning guests to experience D. M. Gremlin Studios not just as a collection of equipment and rooms, but as a living creative space with its potentials being demonstrated in action.

Activities within the Open House vary from event to event, but have included art exhibitions, costume themes, bodypainting, photography workshops, production photo shoots, live music performances, potluck barbeques, fire performances, and more.

Please feel free to bring any food or beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) of your choice. There are also several restaurants and stores on our block for convenient food and drink runs.

RSVP Information: (back to top)

RSVP IS REQUIRED FOR ANYONE WHO HAS NEVER BEEN TO THE STUDIO BEFORE, whether or not they are accompanying a past guest or client of the studio.

All RSVP's must be emailed to studio@dm-gremlin.com. RSVP's must be received and CONFIRMED (replied to by the studio) by 48 hours in advance of any month's event (6pm Wed Aug 28 for the upcoming Aug 30 event) .

RSVP's must include the FULL NAME and the ARTISTIC AREA of each guest. Open House is open to all; we simply need to know who we're meeting, and to have an idea of each person's interest in the studio and the event. Thank you!

You will always receive a confirmation in reply to your RSVP. If you haven't received a response, we haven't received your information and and you have not been added to the guest list!

A few images shot at previous Studio Open House events:

Upcoming Event Date TBA
RSVPs due by 48 hrs in advance.

We saw another great year of Open House events in 2013, and looking forward to more of the same this year!

In upcoming events, we'll be offering our usual tours of the studio, along with portfolio sharing, music jamming, open casual photo shooting, and the excellent company of a diverse group of friendly and talented artists who range from hobbyists to established professionals.

Please feel free to invite friends and colleagues (all they have to do is RSVP!), and to bring instruments for jamming, along with props, wardrobe, and creative ideas for photo shooting!

Open House Photo Shooting:

For all photographers and models: please read our information and policies pertaining to photo shooting at Open House events.

Unless otherwise announced, each event includes the availability of the studio facilities for open casual photo shooting (no nudes) on a TFCD basis.

More Event Photos:

Check out our Page and the studio's forums for a look at images and videos shot right here at Open House events from 2007-2013, including some of these highlights:

** January 2011: "Blue Collar Bodypaint"

** October 2010: "Spooky Halloween"

** July 2010: "Shibari & Suspension" (18+)

** January 2010: "Aerial Trio"

** July 2009: "Zombie Apocalypse"

** March 2009: "80's Rock Band"

** February 2009: "Super Heroes"

** January 2009: "Heavy Metal"

** March 2008: "Jane of the Jungle"

We invite all Open House participants to share photos after every month's event - candid and artistic images all welcome!


D. M. Gremlin Studios is located in North Long Beach, and has served Southern California artists as a recording studio and rental photography studio since 2000. We are proud to offer professional level facilities with business integrity at rates affordable to independent artists. Further studio information is available on our web site, www.dm-gremlin.com.