Audio Mastering by Stark Raven

PMCD Audio Mastering for Music, Speech, Audio:
Please email or call the studio to discuss the details and requirements of your project.
  • Single Track (any source material): $50.00
  • Two Tracks (any source material) : $75
  • Three Tracks (any source material) : $100
  • Albums/EP's of 4 or more tracks: $50/hr

  • Additional PMCD Copies: $25/disc
    * Includes error-checking and P/Q logs.

  • In-studio listening session prior to mastering (30 min - 1 hour): $50.00
    *Listening and demonstration only; no masters provided.

  • Mastering services include revision time at no additional charge as follows:
    *Up to 30 minutes of revision time for projects of 4-6 tracks;
    *Up to one hour of revision time for projects of 7 or more tracks.
    *Revisions to be requested based upon reference CD prior to burning of PMCD.

  • All revisions taking place after PMCD burning will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

  • All clients are encouraged, but not required, to be present during their mastering sessions.
    *For sessions where the client is not present, all revisions will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

* Mastering session time includes track import; reference listening; audio mastering; rendering of masters; playlist setup; burning of reference and/or PMCD discs, and preparation of P/Q log sheets.

* Estimates for session times are approximate:

* Mastering for a single track: 45-60 minutes.

* 2-4 tracks: 2-3 hours.

* Full album (up to 10 tracks): 8-9 hours.

* Full album: (11-15 or more tracks): 10 hours and up.

No distinction is made between "demo" mastering and album mastering. Every project is given full care and attention in the mastering process, to ensure the best possible finished recording.